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Adam K. Aleksander, Ph.D., P.E., C.S.P.
Aleksander & Associates, P.A.
Research and Consulting Engineers

Mechanical, Industrial, Human Factors, and Safety Engineering Design, Analysis, and Forensic Investigations




Texas A & M University, College Station, TX
Industrial Engineering, Major: Human Factors Engineering, Safety Engineering



Master of Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Major: Mechanical Engineering Design and Economic Evaluation



Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
California State University, San Jose, CA
Major: Machine Design, (Society of Automotive Engineers Achievement Award )



Industrial Fire Fighting Certificate, Brayton Field Training Center
Texas A&M University



Business Law Course
Boise State University, Boise, ID



Loyola High School, Montreal, P.Q., Canada



Diversified Engineering background with specific experience in Manufacturing, Cost Analysis, Consulting Engineering, Engineering Sales, Project Management, Product Development, Research, Lecturing, and Technical / Litigation Investigations of accidents and equipment failures.


Aleksander & Associates, P. A. Boise, ID
President, Principal Consulting Engineer

Technical Studies, Safety and Forensic Engineering, Human Factors Investigations

 March 1987 to present 



Precision Energy Services Inc., Hayden ID
Vice President Engineering & Research

November 2006 to present

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Lecturer, Department of Industrial Engineering Faculty
System Safety Engineering

 January to May 1995
Conveyor Engineering Inc. Boise, ID
Manager of Business Development, Project Engineer, Project Manager
Engineered Heavy Material Handling Systems for the Mining and Forest Industries
Engineering Investigator, Investigations of Accidents and Failures

 July 1980 to March 1987
AMF - Head Division, Boulder, CO
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Ski and Tennis Products

 November 1972 to June 1980
Container Corporation of America, Inc. Santa Clara, CA
Jr. Engineer, Maintenance Engineering Group, Recycled Paper Kraft Board Plant
 September 1971 to October 1972

Professional Affiliations

Publications and Presentations

Estimating of Manufacturing Joint Costs, Technical Paper MM80-912 Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 1980, reprinted in Manufacturing Cost Estimating, P.F.Ostwald, SME ISBN 0872630536
Explosion of a Hydro-Pneumatic Storage Tank, presented at American Academy of Forensic Sciences, February 1990
Collapse of a Conveyor Structure, and a Conveyor Nip Point Fatality paper presented at American Academy of Forensic Sciences, February 1991
Human Factors and Forensic Engineering paper presented at American Academy of Forensic Sciences, February 1994
Visual Correctness via a PC; A Model for Visual Courtroom Presentations paper presented at American Academy of Forensic Sciences, February 1995
Glare Mitigation in Night Driving Using Partially-Tinted Lenses, 1995 Dissertation, Texas A&M University  Paper Presented at Vision in Vehicles VII Conference, Marseilles, France, September 1997
PRT, Perception Reaction Time, Fact or Fiction, paper presented at AAFS, February 1997
Invited Speaker at Iowa State University/Stark rxp seminar on Perception, Reaction and Conspicuity in Driving, Iowa City IA, November 1997, published 2003.
Invited Speaker at Idaho Trial Lawyers Association seminar on Technology and Persuasion, Moscow ID, Nov. 1997
New Perspectives in Forensic Engineering; Convergence of Design, Ergonomics, and Safety Engineering paper presented at American Academy of Forensic Sciences, February 1998
A Human Factors Approach to Risk Management Invited speaker, Risk Insurance Mgmt Society, Sun Valley Id, Aug. 1999
Homicide by Water Injection, paper presented at American Academy of Forensic Sciences, February 1999
Skin Penetration by Water Jet presented at International Academy of Forensic Sciences, Aug. 1999, AAFS Feb 2000.
Applied Industrial Ergonomics  Two day seminar presented for University of Idaho, Mar. ’00, in Boise ID.
Forensic Engineering and Ethics, Us vs. Them  Invited speaker Idaho Society of Prof. Engineers meeting Apr. 2000
Ergonomics Issues in Workers Comp Invited speaker, Penland/Lorimer seminar, June ’00, Boise ID.
Designing Safe Products for Consumers and Industry  Two day seminar presented for Univ. of Idaho, June 2000.
Geothermal Plants and Forced Outage Analysis Methodologies Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting, San Francisco CA September 2000
Forensic Engineering Issues in Glare Environments NAFE Seminar, San Diego CA Jan. 2005, published in NAFE Journal2007
Go Cart Fatality paper presented at American Academy of Forensic Sciences, New Orleans, February 2005
Forensic Engineering Analysis of TASER Product Liability Issues NAFE Seminar, Chicago IL Jul 2005
Third World Chlorine System Safety Issues Chlorine Institute Seminar, Tampa FL, Jan. 2006
Forensic Engineering Analysis of TASER Issues and Safety Warnings American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Seattle, February 2006
Defective Jack Causes Fatal Collapse of Overpass Falsework American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Seattle, February 2006
Human Factors:Industrial Incidents, in Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science, Jamieson, A., Moenssens, A., (eds). John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Chichester, UK, pp1483-1495, 2009
Global thinking and methodologies in evidence-based forensic engineering science in Forensic Science Curent Issues, Future Directions, Ubelaker D. H. ed, Liptai L., Aleksander A. K., et al, 2013 Wiley & Sons Ltd
Unusual Failure Modes of Large Diesel Generators, Bangladesh American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Washington DC, February 2013.
A Near Electrocution by Irrigation Pipe Case, Solved by Photo Inspection American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Washington D.C., February 2013.
Steam Iron Electrocution, San Diego CA American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Seattle WA, February 2014.
Ski Collision Fatality, Alpine Meadows, CA American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Seattle WA, February 2014.

Forensic Engineering Investigation of Burn Injuries in a Defective Spa Pool Light Installation, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Orlando FL, February 2015.

Forensic Engineering Critical Site Photogrammetry and the use of GPS in a Ski Collision Case, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Orlando FL, February 2015.

Forensic Engineering Investigation of Dual Fatality Auto-Pedestrian Collision by Impaired Vision Driver, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Las Vegas NV, February 2016.

Forensic Engineering Examination of Stucco on CMU Wall, Paint Layer Evidence and Crack Propagation, Las Vegas NV, February 2016.

Forensic Engineering Investigation of Vision in Crashes and related Incidents, Part 1, New Orleans LA, February 2017.

Forensic Engineering Investigation of Vision in Crashes and related Incidents, Part 2, New Orleans LA, February 2017.

Forensic Engineering Review of the TAU Phenomenon and Cautionary Application to Crashes, Seattle WA, February 2018.

Forensic Engineering Technical Investigations 1972-2018

  • Investigations of engineering systems and components, to determine proximate cause of failure, and contributing factors, equipment failures, manufacturing anomalies, accidents, event reconstruction, technical interpretation of documents, drawings, and testimony, documentation, photography, and exhibit preparation.
  • Services include photogrammetry, microscopy, x-ray, and laboratory disassembly and testing, engineering tests, experimental design and statistical analysis.  Tests provided include headlamp and tail lamp filament analysis, metallurgical fracture analysis, PMI x-ray fluorescence, photo and video documentation and analysis.

Product Liability (design, manufacturing and marketing defects, involving damage, injury or fatality)

Go cart nip point fatality, washing machine amputation, amputations in punch presses, hydro-pneumatic tank explosion, agricultural truck amputation, airport conveyors, biscuit cutter, amusement rides, water-jet fatality, slips & trips, lead rope snap, excercise machine failures and injuries, document burn injuries, folding chair collapse, concrete anchor system, nail gun injury, roof collapse panel hangers, prosthesis bolt failure, steam iron electrocution, pool light burn, design of warnings and instructions, ATV rollover, automotive failures and crash related phenomena, measurement of ECDs (TASER®), TASER® Time stamp anomaly, Potato Sorting System Nip, Range fire and warnings, Quad rollover winch investigation.

Equipment Failures (proximal cause of failure with contributing factors)

Farm equipment, Failed engines, Mining conveyors, Power plant systems, Belt conveyors, Potato processing system, Sewer line, Tire shredder processing analysis, Failed brake die, Failed conveyor bearing, RV axle repair failure, Trailer suspension system failure, Trailer separation, Dump truck telescoping cylinder failure, Brake system, Headlight filament analysis, Service station gasoline tank leak, Bicycle tube failures, Tub Grinder track defect, Hay press system dual amputation, Hay press system hydraulic system, Steam Turbine Generator building fire C&O, Heat Exchanger System failure, Potato Piler Hydraulics, Tub Grinder Fire, Three Wartsila 18V46 Diesel Generators, 20 inch primary steam line fracture, Vertical Turbine Pump coupling failure with injuries, Commercial building hydronic freeze failure, Motorcycle crash inspsecton, Ash storage silo implosion, Bucket Lift ftality.

Construction, OSHA, and Safety Engineering.(regulatory and safety issues)

Falling loads, construction backing crush fatality, tank cleanout confined space injury, ladder falls, construction claims, compactor fatality, roof collapse fatality, forklift fatality, Lock Out Tag Out Failure, falling object, 13.8KV Arc Flash,  19.9KV Arc Flash Irrigation Pipe, Premises Trip, Ladder/Scaffold misuse, Coating separations on fractured wall, Shred Conveyor design adequacy, Plating Tank Immersion Injury, Fall Protection Failure, Bounce Bin Neck fracture, Seed sorting machine fatality.

Human Factors, Visibility, Ergonomics, and General Research Issues (product usability, warnings, perception)

Highway visibility, night visibility, bicycle accidents, Plant OSHA Safety Analysis, Human Factors and Safety Analysis of Peroxide Facility, Five part plant wide Ergonomics Program, Skier tree hit fatality, ECD Warnings development (TASER®) , Dual fatality auto pedestrian crash (criminal), Dump Truck Backing Fatality, Skier Collision Injury, Playground visibility LOS, Mining Scoop Backing Fatality, Truck Pedestrian collision, Truck child collision, Motorcycle visibility crash, Dual fatality pickup into truck crash, curb fatality inspection.

Sports Related Cases and Experience

Cases have included sports related events, ski collisions, bicycle visibility and use. 

Experienced cyclist, skier, kayaker and sailor. Senior Alpine Patroller, Member National Ski Patrol, Bogus Basin Alpine Patroller of the Year, 2007 & 2010, Current CPR card, Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor, Outdoor Emergency Transportation Instructor, Secretary, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Director, Board of Directors Bogus Basin Ski Patrol, Volunteer Special Olympics Winter Games, Bogus Basin ID Feb 2009,  Ski Patrol Athlete Care Feb 2010 Winter Olympic Games Vancouver Canada, Medical Services.

Confidential Projects for Clients

Significant projects have been undertaken for confidential clients, working with their attorneys on sensitive research issues. 1995-2007

AAPA Industrial Investigation/Design/ Forensic Projects  1971-2014


2017 Safety Assesment 815 & 615 x 2 MW Paiton Energy facility, Probolingo, East Java, Indonesia.
2017/18 Conceptual Design and Project Management, $10M coal yard reclaim system, POMI, East Java Indonesia.

Investigation and Report in AARA Section 1603 matter of GUSC v United States, Biomass CHP Facility, NY.


Affidavit testimony presented to Philippines Energy Regulatory Commission regarding SBPL Project.

2013 Testimony, favorable decision in $5M arbitration hearing re failed steam turbine generator, fire investigation, WA.
2013  Case analysis and report on failed Thermal Oxidizer system, favorable settlement, ethanol plant, MN.
2012   Root Cause Analysis of fractured 20 in dia main steam pipe, forced outage, 500MW plant, Philippines.         
2011 Root Cause Analysis of three failed Wartsila 18V46 diesel generators, $18M loss, Bangladesh
2011  Post-fire structural steel assesment to determine fire related effects, restore crane operability, WA.
2011  Steam boiler pipe inspection by x-ray fluorescence to comply with materials requirement, Oregon
2011 Inspection and verification of compliance with ARRA Section 1603 for $100M Biomass projects.
2010  Investigation and emergency remediation plan of failing coal silos, Risk Management Plan, Philippines.   
2010 Investigation of turbine generator fire and $5 M loss, Project planning for $20M Biomass conversion.
2009   Investigation of 13.8KV arc flash injury incident at utility, investigation of conveyor belt failure, Philippines.          
2007/9  Chlorine gas dispensing system for utility plant seawater cooling system, design, furnish, install, and train.
2007    Support in litigation issues at  power plant construction sites, demolition of thermal stack at U of Idaho.
2006/7  Chlorine system ton container on-site storage system, secure modular transportation system proposal.
2005 Conveyor material failure, Scale and Feeder calibration, Chlorine Transporation Risk Assesment, Quezon, PI              
2005 Refinery Delayed Coker Unit Safety Analysis, Mineapolis WI
2005 Taser ECD Related Research and Design of Warnings and Instructions
2005 Power Plant ASTM coal sampling Design & Furnish, and data systems, Quezon, PI
2004 Power Plant Chlorination system analysis HAZOP and PSM RPM Program, Quezon, PI          
2003  Completion of hazardous gas monitoring and site safety systems at shaft well development project. SS, UT
2002   Research and design coordination of proposed geothermal plant Vapor Recovery Unit systems. Puna Hawaii
2002  Continued methane safety responsibility at Cogeneration well development project. Sunnyside, UT
2001   Planning and execution of penetrating a sealed 1000ft vertical methane filled mineshaft, with instrumentation, video and data acquisition, sample recovery and site safety coordination. Site project coordination with client attorney, city, state and federal regulatory agencies. Sunnyside, UT         
2000  Investigations of geothermal plant anomalies and recuperator performance studies,NV, and sorbent limestone production studies for CFB plants, UT.  Performance evaluation of geothermal plant VRU system.  Investigation of ESP precipitator performance issues at RB waste wood plant., CA
1999-01 Investigation of water utilization at power plant in Utah, modeling, well issues, study of proposed opening of a sealed mineshaft.   
1996-98  Cogeneration power plant, research issues related to EPA, DOJ actions, and analysis of plant performance problems related to sorbent quality and material handling, $1.5+ M project award for Pilot Plant and related plant modification projects.  Coal barn storage analysis, CA.
1984-1988 Developed computational program for crushing plant gradation analysis used in multiple litigation actions
1986  Developed conceptual and proposal documents, administered design and furnish contracts for $1 M Pegasus and Rochester gold ore heap leach crushing and conveying projects near Lovelock, NV.
Developed application software for CEMA belt conveyor calculations (still in use 2006).
1985-86  Project Manager, Dillingham-Cerrillos Dam Project, Puerto Rico, managed engineering design and furnishing of $3.5 M dollars of material handling equipment, structural steel, conveyors, foundations and primary crusher concrete structure, MCC's, control panels, programmable control system, including 14,000 hours of engineering design effort.          
1985  Project Engineer, site installation of vortex shedding modifications to a 200 ft. bent structure at the Caballo mine, Gillette, WY.
1984-85 Project Engineer, Chino Mines Conveyor System Study to resolve dynamic loading problems.
1984   Project Engineer, Conceptual Design, Proposal, and Award of $.9 M wood chip conveyor system at Longview Fibre Co. LV, WA.
1980   Capital Cost study and technical evaluation of proposed reaction injection ski molding (RIM) system and equipment selection for new products.

Responsible for the redesign of all ski tooling to critical molding parameters developed through quality control data. 

1972-80  On the hill ski, boot, and binding technical tester, AMF-Head Manufacturing and R&D Engineering.
1977-78  Designed an automated production system for polyurethane ski foam cores, with individual air actuated mold assemblies in a recirculating curing oven. 
1977  Redesign of plant water cooling and heating systems.
1975-77  Complete redesign of forty hydraulic press cavities used to manufacture fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) skis. Development of measurement methods and statistical process controls which substantially changed traditional molding operations concepts. Commendation letter.  Design of ski production machines and fixtures.
1971 Paper Mill expansion CCA-Santa Clara, CA  Jr engineer, supervised mill pump piping and kraft board sheeter equipment installations.