"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Henry de Bracton

ALEKSANDER & ASSOCIATES P.A. can help identify and eliminate potential problems and risks within a facility, process, or production plant.  These are issues that may cost a lot later, but can be eliminated now for much less.  Our evaluation and solutions can combine many areas, including:

  • Safety Engineering
  • Human Machine Interaction
  • Ergonomics
  • Risk Management
  • Research
  • OSHA Regulations


Our years of experience in Forensic Engineering have left us well-equipped to handle a wide-variety of technical investigations.  ALEKSANDER & ASSOCIATES P.A can research the events and circumstances prior to, during, and after accidents, to determine the cause or contributing factors. Accidents and failures are usually the largest single source of catastrophic loss at a facility. We can provide:

  • Documentation
  • Photography
  • Equipment Failure Analysis
  • Event Reconstruction
  • Technical Interpretation of Documents & Drawings
  • Manufacturing Anomaly Analysis
  • Fire & Explosion Investigations
  • Computer Simulations and Animations

We understand the failure modes of machines and humans, despite the best intentions of design engineers. We can determine the cause of failure of components, systems, or materials.


Our extensive experience in claims and litigation provides us a level of comfort when dealing with or negotiating with regulatory agencies, and working with the legal system.


Regardless of the size of the industrial process, the effectiveness of the production and maintenance workers are key to the financial success of the company. Mitigating human error is an important aspect of optimizing the effectiveness of the human worker, but it is far from the only consideration.  Aleksander & Associates, P.A. can bring additional tools to bear to ensure that all plant workers are utilized to maximum effect.

  • Training -- Safety, Ergonomics, Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Information Transfer -- Signs, Displays, Forms, Labels, Communication Between Workers and Shifts, Warnings, Instructions.
  • Manual Material Handling -- Reduce Injury Potential while Simultaneously Increasing Productivity
  • Engineered Solutions -- Reduce Labor at Strategic Points in the Process



Aleksander & Associates, P.A. is well qualified to undertake a variety of research projects in support of active litigation cases or analysis of existing commercial and consumer products.  Our active involvement with the American Academy of Forensic Scientists (AAFS) during the past 23 years has exposed us to a wide range of research and accident investigations related to engineering issues.

When you need to know how and why an accident occurred, our background in scientific research can be utilized on difficult problems.



Risk Management Program (RMP)
Process Safety Management (PSM)

Changes to the EPA's Risk Management Program mean that many more facilities must now comply with both the EPA's regulation (40 CFR 68) and OSHA's Process Safety Management standard (29 CFR 1910).


With over 30 years of experience in Forensic Engineering, Safety, and Claims & Litigation, Aleksander & Associates, P.A. is in a unique position to assist companies with research, analysis, and compliance issues related to these modified standards.


Technical work site evaluations can identify potential for loss costs so that management can properly evaluate means of reducing risk. To that end, Aleksander & Associates, P.A. can:

  • Analyze Loss Experience
  • Evaluate Work Environments
  • Perform Job Safety Analysis (Hazard Analysis)
  • Perform OSHA Compliance Evaluations
  • Develop Engineered Solutions
  • Perform Equipment Inspections
  • Address Fire Prevention and Protection Issues
  • Identify Risk Factors for Cumulative Trauma
  • Provide Trainer & Worker Education, specific to your facility with integrated site photos and video