Understanding the cause of failure is the first and most important step in preventing the failure from occurring again. 

Work site evaluations are particularly beneficial for maintenance operations where access is commonly an issue. 

Body Mechanics and Physical Therapy

Particularly for Manual Materials Handling operations, physical therapy exercises and stretches can reduce the potential for injury. We can:

  • Evaluate plant conditions and risks
  • Develop a program specific to your facility
  • Provide specialized training including body mechanics familiarization and proper lifting technique


Aleksander & Associates P.A. has been retained in many consulting engineering projects. Many of these projects resulted from the client’s desire for a forensic engineering investigative approach to investigate root causes of the perceived problem and appropriate design solutions. We take significant pride in many follow on projects from clients over a period of many years.

Engineering Design and Analysis


Fourteen Projects for a Coal Powered Electric Generation Plant


  • Preliminary site investigation of limestone sorbent preparation and feed problems at a CFB power plant. Task group of five specialists were assembled to investigate the entire quarry-to-plant limestone preparation and handling system. Additionally, fundamental issues related to sorbent gradation and utilization were researched. Preliminary design solutions were presented.
  • Design and engineering for limestone re-circulating crushing circuit modifications and upgrade.
  • Review of problems and possible solutions associated with all elements of the limestone sorbent processing, storage, feed, and delivery system for a coal fired CFB in California. Developed flow diagrams, design drawings, investigated and analyzed limestone storage and handling issues.
  • System evaluation, re-design, and detailed cost estimate of limestone sorbent storage, injection, and dust collection for coal fed CFB boiler power plant in California.
  • Design of as-fired coal sampler installation with sample building and trolley.
  • Evaluation of quantity and quality of limestone pile and process design of limestone screening plant to optimally size limestone particles for use as sorbent in a CFB power plant.
  • Site study and preliminary design estimate of limestone sorbent processing plant at a quarry operation.
  • Final design and project engineering for a limestone screening plant.
  • Field engineering related to the construction and installation of a limestone processing plant.
  • Investigation and analysis of available coal feed proportioning gates and rotary feeders.
  • Investigation of alternative materials for vibrating conveyor and fluidized bed boots.
  • Design and estimate for trash screening system at coal feed conveyors prior to coal silos.
  • Problem solving product development project, design of a proprietary variable speed open rotary feeder capable of reliably metering several different varieties of alternative fuels with oversize particles. (patent pending)
  • Project management overview of an upgraded limestone injection system design and installation.

Three Projects for a Power Plant Management and Operations Group


  • Design overview and research of alternative fuel handling systems (TDF, RDF, petroleum coke, and palletized coal).
  • Investigation of alternate solutions for super fines material handling systems for a limestone processing plant operated by a California power plant.
  • Alternative design development and comparison for 8 petroleum coke handling and storage systems.


Fifteen Plus Projects for an Overseas 500 MW Coal Fired Power Plant


  • Installation of a coal sampling system.
  • Evaluation and refurbishment of three coal scales.
  • Evaluation and complete re-design and supply of a condenser cooling water chlorine biocide system, including PSM and RMP and warning design.
  • Investigation and resolution of coal conveyor belt failures.
  • Investigation and emergency remediation of five failing coal silos.
  • Investigation and remediation of coal stacker–reclaimer drive failures.
  • Staff ergonomics training.
  • Evaluation of chlorine delivery strategies and design.
  • FM Global risk assessment report implementation estimate.


Project for a Coal Powered Electric Generation Plant


  • Coal barn storage and reclaim utilization study to determine feasibility of using existing coal barn system for storage and reclaim of multiple fuels, including high sulfur coal and petroleum coke.


Project for a Coal Powered Electric Generation Plant


  • Resolution of vendor related warranty issues for a limestone screening and processing plant.


Study for a Power Plant Management and Operations Group


Research and evaluation of short and long term water availability versus plant requirements and recommendations for coal fired CFB boiler power plant in Utah.

OSHA & Regulatory Issues

Two Projects for a Coal Powered Electric Generation Plant


  • Environmental permitting services for a limestone screening plant construction and installation in the environmentally restricted California county of Inyo.
  • In response to a DOJ/EPA action, an investigation of as-fired fuel sampling was initiated for a coal fired power plant. Research indicated the viability and acceptance by the EPA of both a provisional manual coal sampling and a long term automated as fired solution. An immediate hand sampling procedure was implemented.


Two Projects for a Coal Powered Electric Generation Plant


  • Problem solving product development project, design and fabrication of proprietary baghouse filter bag saver device (patent pending).
  • Safety and ergonomic problem solving product development project. Designed and fabricated proprietary bag installation and tensioning device for fly ash baghouse at a California power plant.

Industrial Forensics


We have been retained in a number of industrial cases that resulted in forensic investigations including:


  • Analysis of applicable building codes for a forensic investigation of a fall resulting in an injury in Idaho for litigation.
  • Comprehensive mechanical forensic engineering study and evaluation of performance problems on tire de-beading equipment in California for litigation.
  • Construction claims investigation of Philippine geothermal power generation project for litigation in Washington.
  • Forensic Investigation and of crawler mounted tub-grinder track failure.
  • Investigation of a steam turbine generator fire loss in excess of $5M.